General & Laparoscopic Surgery

Our surgery centre has two divisions

- General Surgery

The team works closely with experienced general surgeons who are specialists in their respective domains and drive the treatment in the most meticulous manner. The team supervises everything from patient's care to diagnose and provides timely surgical intervention for complex conditions.

- Laparoscopic Surgery (Centre for Minimal Access Surgery)

Minimal Access Surgery (MAS) refers to a specialized form of surgery that involves operating without making large incisions. Our Laparoscopic surgery division is well equipped with special tools and surgical instruments that are required for the minimal invasive procedures.

With the help of latest technology we deliver high precision in surgical treatment. It encompasses operative procedures for the GI system, ENT, abdomen and urinary tract. The complete range of Endoscopic technology required to carry Minimal Access Surgery with high precision hand instruments are made available for the surgeons.

With this technique the surgeons are able to achieve the required results in treatment and the post-surgical hassles for the patients are reduced. There is less organ damage, reduced blood loss and the patients recover faster and can be rehabilitated in leading a normal life as soon as possible.

The centre provides round the clock surgical services for all surgical procedures including advanced gastrointestinal surgeries, rectal surgeries and advanced laparoscopic surgeries.

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