Emergency, Trauma & Critical Care

One of the largest critical care units in Kangra District with 15 ICU beds, including dedicated areas for Medical ICU, Surgical ICU and Neonatal ICU. This unit is staffed round the clock with a highly qualified team of experts who are equipped to handle the entire range of medical emergencies. Special hygiene and safety protocols are maintained to restrict chances of cross infection along with special equipment for keeping quality of air supply.

Our Emergency & Trauma department is 24X7 functional and is fully equipped to handle the entire range of medical emergencies ranging from resuscitations to minor emergency, critical emergencies, road accidents and occupational emergencies. The department is equipped with 2 triage beds, 5 observation beds with a dedicated area for sample collection and plaster room.

The emergency department is supported by a 16 Slice CT Scan, Ultrasound with 500ma X-Ray, 24 Hour Pathology, BLS ambulance with 12 Hour oxygen back-up and two-way communication system.

The trauma surgeons are fellowship trained and associated with reputed institutions. They are specially trained in critical care and complex & high-acuity, multi-system trauma.  With 24/7 support from in-house trauma surgeons and emergency physicians and with the dedicated support from the medical experts of other associated departments of anesthesia, orthopedics, neurosurgery, plastics, ENT, OMF, ophthalmology, cardiothoracic and physical medicine and also rehabilitation, and with the support staff of trauma nurses and allied health partners, the Division Surgical Critical Care and Trauma at Vivekanand Medical Institute offers the most advanced specialty care in the region.

A helipad is being provided to ensure immediate resuscitation and patient transportation.

Each Critical Care ICU is managed by a dedicated team of doctors and nursing staff that carry out critical healthcare procedures and surgeries.

Treatments and Procedures:

- Airway Management
- Percutaneous Tracheostomy
- Ventilator Support
- Central venous line placement
- Arterial line placement
- Continuous pulse oximetry
- Continuous cardiac monitoring
- Hemodynamic monitoring
- Temporary pacemaker insertion and maintenance
- Continuous vasoactive and antiarrhythmic drug infusions
- Thrombolytic infusion
- Pain relief
- Arterial blood sampling
- Bladder catheterization
- Nasogastric tube placement
- Nasojejunal tube placement
- Lumbar puncture

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