Internal Medicine

The Department of Internal Medicine provides cross-specialty care for patients with a wide spectrum of clinical conditions. The Internal Medicine department is dedicated to cultivating a culture of collaboration where well- qualified, competent and experienced consultants who have gained expertise.

The department lays emphasis on acquiring specialty in dealing with the diagnostic dilemmas and treating complex situations that are particularly perplexing in the setting of general practice. It is driven by a holistic approach towards patients.

We aspire to train the next generation of leaders in medicine through personal commitment to excellence, and with exemplary skills and attitudes towards the medical field.

Following aspects of internal medicine are covered by the department:

OPD physicians are available for routine day to day problems like URI, viral fever, typhoid, malaria, copd, bronchial asthma, pneumonia, hypothyroidism, liver diseases like hepatitis.

In-patient Care address patients with acute problems like acute gastroenteritis, pneumonias, uti, sepsis, accelerated hypertension, diabetic- complications etc.

Preventive Health Check-up Program has been set up with the motto to deal with preventive health check-up required as per the need and age-group of the patient.

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