Side Effects of Sedentary Lifestyle

Side Effects of Sedentary Lifestyle

You wake up and have just enough time to get ready to begin the work day, you might tend to skip breakfast because you are running late, your job involves sitting for hours in front of the computer, you commute by car or bus, back home you crash on the couch with dinner plat in one hand and TV remote in another and then hit the bed. If this is your schedule, then Beware! The dark shadows of chronic ailments, obesity, heart diseases, diabetes and blood pressure might be prowling around. This may sound very spooky and some might tend to ignore the warnings too. But a routine sedentary lifestyle does not suit the human body. As our screen time on the cell, TV, computer etc is increasing and physical activity time is decreasing, we are falling prey to the negative effects of a sedentary life.

Weak bones

The main function of our bones and joints is to support the body weight and movement. If these bones and the muscles that hold them are not toughened they will weaken.

Low metabolism

No movement means less calories are burnt. Food we eat gives us nourishment and exercise increases blood circulation which supplies this nourishment to cells. If we live with less or no activity this energy is of no use and thereby fat starts accumulating in the body. Obesity and diabetes follow.

Risk of diabetes

Less activity and long siting hours pose the risk of diabetes at early stage because our body needs to work out to produce adequate insulin and digest the sugar. Inactive lifestyle puts stress on the cells to digest sugar leading to diabetes. It does not matter if you are slim and have normal weight. Inactivity puts you at a risk of diabetes.

Decreasing stamina

Sedentary life decreases the threshold of our endurance and we tend to avoid pushing ourselves to increase our capacity. Say you can climb 4 flights of stairs easily, but choose not. Gradually climbing even two flights is going to leave you panting and gasping for breath.

Bad news for the heart

One of the most hazardous effect of sedentary lifestyle is rise in cholesterol level. One of its major consequences is risk of cardiovascular disease and heart failure. Physical inactivity can cause blood clots which lead to pulmonary embolism, which is blockage of artery in the lungs. This can be extremely fatal.

Abdominal obesity

Low physical activity plus consumption of high-calorie food will aggravate deposition of adipose tissue. Excessive fataccumulates around the stomach which increases the waist line, hampers the confidence of a person and poses numerous health risks.

Our body tends to resist change. Once slouched on a couch, our body will repel any intention of moving. It is our willpower that keeps us healthy. We have to understand that we were born to move. We can only halt, but never stop. The more we move the muscles, we only make them stronger. If you cannot accommodate a disciplined workout in your schedule, make some lifestyle changes. For example, take the stairs, take breaks between work hours for a short brisk walk, avoid the couch after meals, walk to the supermarket, walk while on a call and do not forget to stretch daily.

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