Tips To Keep The Heart Healthy

Tips To Keep The Heart Healthy

The human body is one of nature’s engineering wonders. Our organs work in sync with one another and drive that living force within us. Our heart is one of the most essential component of the cardiovascular system. A body function that allows blood to circulate and carry oxygen, nutrients, hormones and carbon dioxide to and from the cells in the body. This system is instrumental in providing nourishment, fighting diseases and controlling temperature & pH in the body. The heart pumps pure oxygenated blood in the body and the impure blood to the lungs. Our heart works non-stop till we live and keeping it healthy is indispensable. Here we give some guidelines to maintain a healthy and strong heart:

Know the enemy

Saturated fat is the foe for your heart. It increases the level of cholesterol in the blood which increases the risk of heart disease. On an average, a healthy person should limit the saturated fat consumption to 25-30 g a day. Avoid processed food and fatty meat. Instead opt for nuts, seedsand almonds which provide polyunsaturated healthy fat. Foods that contain trans-fat lead to rise in cholesterol. Avoid biscuits, cake, fried foods etc.


Water contributes to every function in our body. Research suggests that heat attacks usually occur in the early hours of dawn, when our body has lesser water and blood is thick. Our heart is continuously pumping blood and to maintain its smooth functioning, water plays an important role. On an average, a healthy person should consume atleast 2-3 litres of water daily.

Food for the heart

Eat small portions of food. High fibre foods like oatmeal, oily fish and nuts are good for the heart. Foods rich in omega3-fatty acids decrease triglycerides and are healthy.  Berries are rich in antioxidants and dilate the narrowed blood vessels. Non-fat dark chocolate contains polyphenols, which can help reduce clotting and inflammation.

Pressure control

High blood pressure increasingly causes a strain on the coronary arteries and causes it to narrow down due to atherosclerosis. A process where the cholesterol gets deposited on the inner lining of the coronary arteries. Blood clots are likely to be formed blocking the flow of blood. The heart muscles gradually weaken due to lack of sufficient oxygen. This can lead to a heart attack. Finding the cause of high blood pressure and treating it at an early stage is very important.

Make the move

An imperativestep towards building a healthy heart is exercise and walking. Physical activity burns calories, boosts the metabolism and helps us maintain healthy body functions. Improving cardiovascular fitness is the key. 30 mins of regular exercise improves blood circulation, controls blood pressure and strengthen the heart muscles. At least 4 times a week, opt for cardio exercise like running or cycling to build up cardiovascular endurance.

Adequate sleep

Minimum of 6-7 hours of sound sleep is required for our body to rejuvenate and gear up for a new day. Irrespective of exercise, good nutrition and balanced weight, if a person does not get adequate sleep, he or she is at risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Diabetes care

Individuals with type-2 diabetes are vulnerable to cardiovascular diseases. Consistent high level of blood sugar damages the nerves and blood vessels. Consult an expert to control weight and align food habits accordingly. 30 mins of daily brisk walk is a must. Exercise and walking will augment the effect of medication to control sugar level.

Stress management

The most important factor that contributes to pressure on heart is stress. Chronic stress or anxiety is harmful for the heart. Learn and practice mindfulness meditation or yoga. It will help in fighting stress.

Inculcating good eating habits and lifestyle takes time and some discipline at individual level. But the rewards will be motivating. Live like there is no tomorrow. Happiness is the key to cure most ailments, especially stress.

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